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Our Mission

Making Care Fair aims to challenge the inequalities suffered by the adult learning-disabled community through the social care system.

By working with the community of adults with Learning Disabilities, we intend to identify where the problems lie, and who caused them, and campaign to ensure every adult with Learning Disabilities receives the care package they need to be able to function comfortably in their everyday lives.

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The Team

These are our members who are working to bring the injustices of the social care system to light and to change their functions for better ease of understanding for our Adult Learning Disability Community.

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Alastair Deacon

Production Editor

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Beth Hooper

Community Liason


Robert Norton

Project Community Lead

About Southend Mencap

Southend Mencap is a registered charity that was formed in 1955. The charity’s main aim is to serve the interests and needs of children and adults with learning disabilities, as well as those of their parents and carers, in the southeast of Essex. Southend Mencap can use the name Mencap by being affiliated to national Mencap but that is where the link to them ends. We are a completely independent society/organisation, are self-governed and self-financed. We need to seek our own funding and arrange all services and activities for the learning disabled ourselves. There is no referral system to Mencap, and they do not provide us or any of the other local Mencap society’s with any income or funding. Any funding raised by Mencap never gets passed down to the local societies. The society has a board of trustees, who meet once a month to discuss with the general manager what has been happening both within and outside the society. All the trustees are volunteers, and, in total, the society has in excess of 80 volunteers across all our activities and they provide in excess of 100 hours support per week.

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About Blade Education:

Blade Education is a not-for-profit company based in the City of Southend-on-Sea City that works with local communities to create new ways to tackle social issues, experience heritage and combat disadvantage through art, education, and information. We believe passionately in lifelong learning with a special emphasis on building bridges between the older and younger generations and that outdoor learning is the best way for children to understand and engage with the world around them. 
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About us

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